We expect invoices to be settled at the time of consulation. The fees stated below are our usual fees for a 15 minute consultation. These may vary, e.g. for longer consultation times or other special circumstances.

Phone consults and online consults via H365 would usually incur a consultation charge.

There is a $5 Surcharge for repeat prescriptions that are urgent (same day) or are posted out to patients.


We may be able to file a claim on your behalf to the following providers


  •  Southern Cross

  • Uni-care


Enrolled Patient

Under 14 yrs


14 - 17 yrs


18 - 24 yrs


25 - 44 yrs


45 - 64 yrs


65+ yrs


Casual Patient  


Enrolled CSC holders       

$13.00 14-17yrs

If you are not born in New Zealand, please check your eligibility for publically funded healthcare and bring your passport/ visa (if applicable) with you on your first visit.

$19.50 adults