We expect invoices to be settled at the time of consultation. The fees stated below are our usual fees for a 15 minute consultation. These may vary, e.g. for longer consultation times or other special circumstances.

We reserve the right to collect prepayment prior to services being provided.

Phone consults and online consults via H365 would usually incur a consultation charge.

There is a $5 Surcharge for repeat prescriptions that are urgent (same day) or are posted out to patients.


We may be able to file a claim on your behalf to the following providers


  •  Southern Cross

  • Uni-care


Enrolled Patient

Under 14 yrs


14 - 17 yrs


18 - 24 yrs


25 - 44 yrs


45 - 64 yrs


65+ yrs


Casual Patient  


Enrolled CSC holders       

$13.00 14-17yrs

$19.50 adults

If you are not born in New Zealand, please check your eligibility for publically funded healthcare and bring your passport/ visa (if applicable) with you on your first visit.