Covid Quick Links:


• Register an unsupervised RAT: My Covid Record or phone 0800 222 478   
• Covid Healthline: 0800 358 5453   
• Assistance with Food support: 0800 512 337   
• Welfare phone line: 0800 512 337  


If you have been diagnosed with covid-19:

Whanau HQ website - useful general information:

Health Navigator website - include danger signs and symptoms and on seeking help:

Caring for your covid positive child at home:

We are here to help!


RAT Testing:

We are able to provide supervised RAT tests for people with symptoms, and to asymptomatic household close contacts of a case for days 3 and 7. We are not able to let you take the test home to do, this must be done onsite. We are not allowed to sell you the test either. Testing is FREE. Bookings required and subject to availability.


After you have had your RAT test taken you may then leave, we will contact you with your result on the same day. 

Please note when calculating the number of days, day 0 is the day your household case first started having symptoms, or if your household case did not have symptoms then day 0 is the day their positive test was taken. 

If you are not a household contact but you found out you are a close contact, you are not legally required to self isolate anymore at phase 3 however please consider taking extra precautions as if you may have Covid, such as staying away from crowds and not visiting elderly relatives etc. 


We are open at all alert levels/traffic light framework. Online appointment bookings via H365 remain disabled. All bookings must be made via phoning our clinic number on 3608008. Repeat prescriptions can be ordered via H365 or by phoning.

Other than in person consultations, we continue to offer phone and video consultations which can be just as useful as in person for many medical conditions.

Cervical smears and immunisations can be carried out.


We continue to provide covid swabbing services. Bookings required. Please alert reception by phoning and wait in your car upon arrival, swabbing is carried out in your car.

*Healthline dedicated number for free advice: COVID-19 Phone line 0800 358 5453. 

The original Healthline 0800 611 116 is still available for free general advice over the phone.

Healthline interpreters are available 24 hours everyday for both lines.

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Our practice was established in 1993 with the aim of providing quality primary healthcare to our patients. 

​Please phone us on 09 3608008 to register as a new patient or book an appointment.

We have disabled appointment bookings on our H365 online portal during the Covid-19 pandemic to help keep patient visits safe.


You can still view your test results on H365.